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Runtime Error By: paj30 Date: November 27, 2006
I keep getting a runtime error.  It happens when I first open mediaman and ask if I want to debug. it also says line 1 and error of invalid charatcer.  I say yes and I get a second error with Line 0 and error Object expected. I hit yes again I get a just in time debugging and the mediaman screen is a complet white screen.  I hit the yes to debug I hit the scirpt button and nothing happens and the media man never comes back.  This just started today wit no errors.  Hitting no to the runtime doesn't help as I just keep getting different errors.  Please advise on this as I have not had problems with this program for several months.
Runtime Error By: He.Shiming Date: November 27, 2006
There's information about Internet Explorer 7 all over this place. I can't believe you missed it. Try upgrade to the latest version here: .