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New Problem with closing the collection file By: GroovyMic Date: December 04, 2006
I've got a new problem with closing the collection file. The last times I tried to, it appeared following message: "MediaMan cannot close the collection file, a part of the program is still using it. Here is the the detail: Number of running (pending) file operations: 2 (<= or other number) – Please try again later." The joke was, that no other program was running on my computer anyway!  :?:

What's the problem here? What could be the solution?

Thanks for answers!

New Problem with closing the collection file By: He.Shiming Date: December 05, 2006
This is a problem with the first pre-release of version 2.65. It's been updated to correct this problem. So you might want to try downloading the setup package again from the download section and re-install.

Reply if you still experience this behavior.
Thank you! By: GroovyMic Date: December 05, 2006
Hi He.Shiming,

Thanks for your quick reply! It seems that the problem is fixed now. If not, I will post here again, no problem!

I really appreciate your consequent and quick service!

Greetings from Germany  Cool