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Problems!! Help By: 100_Nick Date: December 06, 2006
Hi stows to try your software and after a time to introduce given always gives the following problem to me:

Before I used version 2.60 and later it left version 2.65 and I decided to try but now it always gives that error. What to make I lost the data all that introduced?


P.S - my English forgives but I am Portuguese and I do not dominate the English well.
Problems!! Help By: He.Shiming Date: December 06, 2006
This is an internal data-integrity ensurance mechanism of MediaMan. The message indicated that the "database disk-image is malformed", which means the database is corrupted.

It is not possible for the program itself to cause this kind of error. But it could be any one or more reasons below:
1. Power-loss before data is saved
2. Hardware failure, such as malfunctioning hard drive
3. Logical failure, such as file table index problems
4. You, or anyone tried to modify the collection file bit-by-bit from an outside program

If you have a backup of the collection, it's time to get it back. I also suggest that you follow these steps to check your hard drive:
1. Point to Start menu, click Run
2. Type cmd, enter
3. Type CHKDSK C:, enter
4. Repeat 3 for all your partitions

If you don't have a backup, please try sending your collection file via to . I'll see if I can repair it, although I can't guarantee anything.