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Presale Questions - Importing/Barcode Scanning. By: RobbieB Date: December 27, 2006
I'm trying out your software and have manually searched for products by title... isbn/upc didn't seem to work. However, I would really rather automate this as much as possible because I do have a decent library. Especially when I include music and games.

I can't seem to find. I didn't particularly see any menu option for barcode scanning. Since I see that the devices need to be keyboard input compatible, does that simply mean it only only type in the barcode and I'll still have to click search and select the title from a list?

Also, what about batch importing? I have a large collection it would be nice to scan a bunch of items and then import all items rather then doing it one at a time. Is this possible?
ie. I clicked the "..." on the amazon import and entered a bunch of game titles, one per line and it didn't find them because it seemed to search each line item together as if it was all one title.
Additionally, since searching by barcode number doesn't seem to work, I am skepticle about even buying a barcode scanner in the first place. How is it going to be different using the scanner if by manually typing the upc number it wont find the results anyways?

I'm considering buying a cue cat befoer my trial runs out. Another question I have is what's the difference between a modified vs new cue cat?

I realize that the major time sink is going to be the initial setup so if that's how it is I know it really won't be a big deal after I'm set up.


P.S. It doesn't seem to detect that an item already exists in the database so it can create/import duplicates.
Presale Questions - Importing/Barcode Scanning. By: He.Shiming Date: December 28, 2006
Barcode searches work like keyword searches. Yes you still have to click search and check the results, simply because it's quite possible that the result doesn't match your item, or there's no result at all. This is especially true if the items you purchased wasn't from one of the countries that has an Amazon International store.

You can enter any number of barcode queries at a time, separate them by spaces. Please refer to the help documents for more information on this. The CueCat barcode batch input window will recognize the output of an unmodified CueCat, or any other scanners that produce similar output. But be aware, it is possible that some of your items can't be found.

Yes, there's no duplicates finder. This feature will be introduced a bit later.
Presale Questions - Importing/Barcode Scanning. By: RobbieB Date: December 28, 2006
What information does the scanner paste into the field? the number that's under the barcode? I've tried typing that in several times on a number of different movies and it never finds anything.

And again, searching for multiple items separating by spaces doesn't work for me either. Or is this a trial limitation?
Presale Questions - Importing/Barcode Scanning. By: He.Shiming Date: December 29, 2006
The only limitation in trial is the 30 day evaluation period.

Scanned barcode is equivalent to the number below. However, as I mentioned before, certain restrictions apply. For instance, the items you purchased in Spain has a different barcode from the items in the Amazon U.S. store, even if the title is the same. MediaMan can only locate items when their barcode is exactly the same as is listed in Amazon's store.

MediaMan can't perform a batch keyword search. All keywords you entered are treated as a must meet condition for a single search.
Presale Questions - Importing/Barcode Scanning. By: RobbieB Date: January 01, 2007
I see, you actually have to type the two (smaller) numbers before and after the barcode. That's why none of my searches were working.

Well, I purchased the MediaMan a few days ago and have been adding things by title. While a little time consuming at first it's still really neat. I'll definitely recommend this to people.
Presale Questions - Importing/Barcode Scanning. By: He.Shiming Date: January 01, 2007
Well, you do have to enter the 10 digit code if it's UPC, and 13 digit if it's EAN barcode. In certain cases, there's an extra smaller barcode for list prices, this part is not necessary.

Thank you for your support. And Happy New Year!