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'Play It' function for MP3 files through Link URL By: MrData Date: December 27, 2006
Hi He,

I've just finished entering all my MP3 albums in MediaMan and started to link the folders, containing a M3U file, to the file listing tab.

With this method the Play It function works to my full satisfaction.

The steps to link the items is rather elaborate, cause everytime I add another item I have to go through the 'Find folder' explorer, which starts at the Desktop and I have to navigate to the correct folder.

In your Help file it states that I can use the Link URL to link to a file directly, which is much faster and it remembers the last position on my harddisk.

Whichever file I use, either a M3U file or a MP3 file, it just shows the Help file, ignoring the file I just entered.

Is it possible to have the Play It function play an M3U file (linked to Media Player 11) or MP3 file (also linked to MP11) directly with the Link URL ?

Your Help file indicates this should be possible, but I cannot seem to get it to work. Are there any steps I have not done to make it to work ? Your Help file says only ONE condition must be met, but all the combinations I tried (Link URL file filled, no file listing selected) give the same result.

I appreciate your reply, as this function is very important to me. I have all my MP3 albums entered, but I can only play them if I fill the file listing tab.

Have an excellent new year.


P.S. Other than this, I really like your software. Compared to many other programs, but yours is well-designed and has all the features I would expect. Keep up the good work.
'Play It' function for MP3 files through Link URL By: He.Shiming Date: December 28, 2006
Under the current PlayIt mechanism. MediaMan requires that you have at least one playlist files (.m3u, .pls) inside the attached file list. It will first look for a playlist file when you click "PlayIt". So that the entire playlist can launch in your media player instead of the first mp3 file.

It is possible to put an .m3u file into the Link URL field. PlayIt will recognize that it's a file, and try to launch it when you click PlayIt. This function is sort of broken in the first 2.65 pre-release. If you experience any trouble, just download the setup package again and reinstall.