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Large image on the "Item Details" pane By: DancingDisc Date: January 13, 2007
I tried to unselect "image" from Tools->Options->Advanced->Common Fields to hide the large image shown on the Item Details pane. However, the Gallery was messed up with lots of red crosses. You know the large image normally shown on Item Details pane is really not necessary because it can be shown on Gallery pane. The drawback for the large image on Item Details pane is that it occupies lots of space and you have to scroll down to find other information like description... Can you reproduce this problem and fix it if possible?  Thanks,
Large image on the "Item Details" pane By: He.Shiming Date: January 13, 2007
Yes, I can reproduce this problem. I'm sorry for inconvenience and it'll be fixed soon in the next update.