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Additional status and sorting tweaks By: KurisuUK Date: January 13, 2007
Hi. I'm very much enjoying the trial version so far.

Any possibility of adding a "not watched/not played/not read" status for DVDs, games and books as at the moment, if I used the advanced status option and choose a custom status, this doesn't appear in the category overview drop-down menu.

Also an option to not remove "the/a" as a prexfix when sorting would be handy as I like to think of a film as - for example "The Abyss" rather than "Abyss".

Additional status and sorting tweaks By: He.Shiming Date: January 14, 2007
You are suggested to use tags to manage those "status". It's going to be more convenient.

Under Tools->Options->Customize, there's an collation option for you to override the title article and last name conversion settings, you can check that out.