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Image Import crash By: axelkothe Date: February 10, 2007
when trying to import custom images I get the following error message:

MediaMan Data Layer Internal Error
MediaMan Data Layer has encountered an internal error processing
your last file operation request. The details are as follows:

Module: CMediaManCategoryWorker::Initialize
Message: sqlite3_prepare failed: (1) no such table: MEDIAMAN_CATEGORIES
sqlite3_step failed: (21) no such table: MEDIAMAN_CATEGORIES

Please note that this doesn't necessarily mean your collection file is
corrupted. Contact technical support service and provide this details
to solve the problem.

Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.
Image Import crash By: He.Shiming Date: February 10, 2007
That's weird. It looks like the collection file isn't even correctly created. What exactly did you do that lead to this message? Did you attempt to modify the collection file from some external applications?

The error message means it can't locate the category table. Which basically means the entire collection file is useless. Can you see anything in the category tree? Does the same thing happen if you create a new collection file?
Image Import crash By: axelkothe Date: February 10, 2007
Hm, I tried to load it in the free 2.1 version once. Nothing else... :roll:

But now it's working again - I just renamed my collection file and loaded that one - and it worked...  Cheesy