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Internet Explorer 8 trouble when using the forum By: He.Shiming Date: March 22, 2009
It's discovered that this forum has some problems when browsing using Internet Explorer 8. Specifically, when you try to enter content to post or edit, you may discover that the text box may unexpectedly scroll down. To workaround this problem, turn on compatibility mode by pressing the button on the left of the "Refresh" and "Stop" button near the location bar. This will put the entire under compatibility mode allowing IE 8 to work like IE 7.

Notice will be posted when this issue is fixed.

So far there are no other IE 8 compatibility issues found on the website or the program (MediaMan 3.0 build 1027). It's safe to upgrade.
Re: Internet Explorer 8 trouble when using the forum By: Gunny Date: May 27, 2009
I am using Apples Browser - Safari 4 Public Beta (528.16).  I have yet to experience any issues when on your site.  Is this an endorsed browser with you?  Personally, I love it, especially the "Show Top Sites" view.  That alone won me over!