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File Location By: Gunny Date: May 26, 2009
Where is the primary file stored?  I backup my files constantly, luckily, because when I just started MediaMan, it said there was NO current file!  When I opened the file in the MediaMan folder under the documents folder, it was way out dated and had none of the changes I had made today.

Can someone show me the light?

Thanks  ~~  Joey
Re: File Location By: He.Shiming Date: May 26, 2009
Hmmm, it's very unlikely for this to happen, unless you are suffering from hard drive physical problems.

There is no "primary location" per se. When you are running for the first time, MediaMan will prompt you a location to save. By default, it's in your "My Documents" folder. You can look into it or run a search for *.mmc . This folder is also used by default by the backup feature.

I would recommend that you run CHKDSK /F on all of your hard drives to check for problems.

There are rare cases indicating that Windows System Restore could be responsible for removing or reverting back files if you ran it. You can also follow the guide here: to check the file health. But I have to tell you it's very unlikely for MediaMan itself to make a mistake like that.
Re: File Location By: Gunny Date: May 27, 2009
Thanks for the quick reply!  OK, for some reason, the program was pointing to my external hard drive, which I was having problems with and have since reformatted the entire drive, now is working correctly.  But, I had moved the *.mmc file from the ext drive to my C drive in the documents/mediaman 3 folder.  It is that folder item I used to start and did not update.  So when it said the file had a problem, I loaded the backup file.

Now the program is using the backup file as the main source for the file and is only updating the backup.  Should it not say start with the backup, and once loaded and used restore the file to the proper folder for an original file, such as the documents folder?

I have manually corrected this...

Re: File Location By: He.Shiming Date: May 27, 2009
Under the current design, MediaMan won't automatically load from a backup file. You are supposed to make copies of the backup file before using it as regular file. And when you are done, just double click that file to start. I'll try to improve this.
Re: File Location By: Gunny Date: May 27, 2009
I see what you mean and now understand it, but a newbee, first time user, out of the blocks may not understand this and could possibly have an unforseen problem occur, only to discover something totally different?  So yeah, I agree with you, it would be a great thing to have as an update in future versions!