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Display refresh - ghosting window when closed. By: disker Date: June 15, 2009
I'm not sure if it does this using the Aero theme, but runnin on Vista in classic mode - when you double click an item to bring up it's detail window, then close the detail window, part of the detail window is left behind on the back/forward buttons. If you have selected content in a way that the back or forward button is active and hover your mouse on the active button, it will refresh the button and remove the remaining ghost window on that button. If the back or forwad button is not active, the ghost window will remain even when hovering.

This is on build 1034 on vista - haven't checked it on my xp box yet, but figured you would want to know.

Re: Display refresh - ghosting window when closed. By: He.Shiming Date: June 15, 2009
I've tested, and I can see the visual artifacts you talked about. It's on the toolbar too. As far as I know, Windows XP doesn't have this behavior. I'm not sure if additional adjustment is required for Vista in classic theme. I'll investigate, and hopefully a future version may work better.