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Export bug - am I doing something wrong? By: disker Date: August 08, 2009
When I'm trying to export either a CSV or HTML version of my CD library (currently I have 422 CDs) I only get 174 of them. I have one catagory called Domestic in the Audio CD section that it doesn't include (278 CDs).

I have to export it seperately even though it is in the same parent catagory as my other CDs. I have 13 other child catagories (for a total of 14) under the same parent catagory that export when I select the parent catagory to export.

Is there something I'm missing or is this actually a bug?


Re: Export bug - am I doing something wrong? By: He.Shiming Date: August 08, 2009
Yes I'm sorry for inconvenience. This actually is a known issue. MediaMan may not evaluate all the nested categories correctly. To workaround this problem, please try select a lower level category, or the lowest level.