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film sorting By: jocline Date: September 07, 2009
I apologize if this is not the correct place to send my question.  I absolutely love the MediaMan software but currently have one minor issue that I’m hoping you can help me resolve.  The best way I can describe it is to give a specific example.  I have the “Die Hard” series of movies in my MediaMan database.  For whatever reason the software rules have the entries listed in the “H” section under “Hard”.  I would prefer that the entries be listed in the “D” section under “Die”.  Is there a way I can configure the sort rules in the software to facilitate this?  Thanks for your help.
Re: film sorting By: He.Shiming Date: September 07, 2009
The word "die" is currently treated as a German article, and is thus moved to the end. I'm sorry for the inaccuracy. It can be turned off completely. You can press Alt and go to Tools->Options and find the collation option. Enable it only for names. But you'll lose other conversions too.

Hopefully future versions will work better on recognizing these situations.