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Problem Activating By: jrgall Date: October 26, 2009
I've been trying to activate the most recent version of Media Man and keep getting the following message after trying for over a week to activate:

"The activation servers cannot be reached. Please review your network settings and firewalls. Make sure MediaMan has sufficient permission to talk to Internet web servers."

I'm running Norton Internet Security for my firewall and have gone as far as completely disabling it and attempting to activate but always get this message.  I've been running MediaMan 3 since it's been available with no issues on this WinXP computer.  I've tried running a repair install and completely re-installing MediaMan as well but still get the same issue.  Don't know what else I can do from my end.  Have the servers been down for an extended period?  If not, I'm open to any other suggestions on what to try.
Re: Problem Activating By: He.Shiming Date: October 26, 2009
Norton Internet Security series is a problematic software. You might want to add MediaMan to the exception list, instead of turning it off. You might also want to review your proxy settings in Internet Options in Control Panel.

The activation server is working normally.
Re: Problem Activating By: jrgall Date: October 26, 2009
Adding Media Man to the exception list in Norton was the first thing I did and I still got the message (I've also tried manually creating a firewall rule to allow any and all communications for MediaMan) which is why I tried disabling it as well but neither seemed to work.  I also verified that the Windows firewall wasn't enabled either to ensure it wasn't causing the issue.

If by proxy settings in Internet Options you mean Proxy Server settings on the Connection tab then I don't currently have the "Use a proxy server for your LAN..." setting enabled nor have I ever had to as part of my internet connection.

As mentioned in my previous post, I've never had a problem with MediaMan activation before and I've been using Norton Internet Security for longer than I've had MediaMan. 

Can you please elaborate on what exactly you mean when you say Norton Internet Security is "problematic software" because as long time user of it, I've never encountered any compatibility issues with any software I've used in the past, including when I originally installed the new MediaMan 3 version back in Dec. '08 and for as long as I used MediaMan 2.x as well.   How is it problematic?  Is it all versions or just specific ones?

Since downloading and installing MediaMan 3 in Dec. '08, I've had no problems with MediaMan at all.  Then, a few weeks back upon starting Media Man up, I got a notification telling me a new version was available which I downloaded (3.0 build 1034).  I didn't get around to installing it until about 1 1/2 weeks ago and once I did, I noticed that I was being asked to activate it again and I haven't been able to complete the activation after numerous attempts since then.
Re: Problem Activating By: He.Shiming Date: October 26, 2009
Hmm.... I might not be able to helpful to your problem but here is a few hints:

1. Activation servers are working correctly.
2. Norton Internet Security software is reported to be blocking connection even when turned off. I remember several years back, a few users said that they have to uninstall Norton Internet Security completely to make programs work. The software not that reliable because it doesn't do what you tell it to. Contrary to the scale of user community, it's not that good piece of software. (although you mentioned that it worked previously, so I'm not sure it's responsible)
3. Upgrading from any of the 3.0 series of MediaMan won't require you to re-activate (if it did, it could mean that your hard drive is broken, or you have changed some hardware components).
4. The error message means MediaMan couldn't connect to , as in "connection timed out" or "connection refused". If you receive this error message immediately, then it ought to be a local problem, something is blocking MediaMan from accessing, or preventing the domain name from resolving correctly. It could be a firewall problem, a Windows problem, or a router problem. Most time, if your Internet Explorer could connect to, you should not see such messages. Otherwise, if you wait like 10 seconds then receive this error, it usually means an Internet connection problem.

Anyway, you might want to try it on another computer. I'm positive that the program, and the activation server works correctly. So it must be an outside problem.
Re: Problem Activating By: jrgall Date: October 31, 2009
In response to your suggestions:

2.  I completly uninstalled Norton Internet Security, re-booted, and tried to activate and still got the same message.  I also made sure that even the Windows Firewall was disabled and tried again but still got the error message.

3.  I tried another computer.  I first upgraded from an earlier version of MediaMan 3 to build 1034.  Upon starting it up after installation, it was noted in the title bar that it was an evaluation version with 30 days left and activation is in fact required.  This differs from what you said that upgrading from any of the 3.0 series won't require me to re-activate.  Both computers are now requiring me to re-activate and both were upgraded to build 1034 from a previous 3.0 series.    I'm positive that both computers do not have a broken hard drives as you suggest might be a possibility.  Also, no hardware components have been changed on either as well. 

Why would I be required to re-activate when you said that upgrading from a previous 3.0 series wouldn't require me to do so?  If it would not have prompted me to do so as you suggest it should not, then I wouldn't be having this issue.

4.  I can successfully connect to with no errors from both computers using Internet Explorer which is what I've been doing to create these postings.  I can also ping it from a command prompt with no issues.  For what it's worth, from MediaMan, I can still successfully import items from  The only thing I can't seem to do is activate the software.
Re: Problem Activating By: He.Shiming Date: October 31, 2009
I looked up your customer information. It turned out that on March 13, 2007 you have disputed your order of MediaMan placed on December 19th, 2006. The dispute resolved in your favor, which means the amount of your purchase was bounced back to your creditcard, and resulted in a loss on our side.

I'm kind of surprised that you are still trying to activate the software. Because you don't own a license.

I'm sorry for the confusion, the order database still has your activation key recorded. However, due to this chargeback of your order, the key has been black-listed.

According to the records, since October 19, you've made a total of 56 attempts of activation, from two computers under one IP address. The activation server didn't return meaningful information because it wasn't good at handling black-listed keys, since we don't have that many. And that's why you've got this problem.