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Questions before Buying By: Pantheon Date: December 16, 2009
I've recently been trying a lot of home inventory programs and I have yet to find one program that does everything I want. However, MediaMan does come close.

I currently use DVDProfiler for my film collection and that's not going to change (sorry but MediaMan does not compare!!!)

For my books and music I use Collectorz programs.....which I hate!!

I LOVE the virtual shelf in MM and it's ease of use.

However, is it possible to sort by author then series, then volume?
Eg. to have all 7 Harry Potter books display in the correct order?

Does the cost of MM cover future versions? (DVDProfiler is a one-time-fee and all future updates are free!!).

Is the only way to input Purchase Place/Price via custom fields?

Many thanks for any help

Re: Questions before Buying By: He.Shiming Date: December 17, 2009
There's no cost for upgrade. However, as far as sorting is concerned, MediaMan doesn't support that level of complicated sorting. I'm looking into supporting a second sorting field in the next update. However, sorting is actually not an important issue in MediaMan because features such as Tag. I believe it's a lot easier to use, and more effective than specifying lots of fields to sort.

I would have to say that the concept of MediaMan is different from the other products you mentioned. MediaMan doesn't offer lots of old-schooled conventional features such as lots of sorting fields, lots of sites to import. But this doesn't mean MediaMan is incapable of organizing. If you dig deeply into the features, you'll discover that MediaMan has alternative ways to do the same, and they are easier.
Re: Questions before Buying By: greenfields Date: December 19, 2009
However, is it possible to sort by author then series, then volume?
Eg. to have all 7 Harry Potter books display in the correct order?

There's an option to sort by the Catalog field.  I use that option.  The way I use the Catalog field is I just paste the Name of the item the way I want it to be sorted.  For your example of Harry Potter, I would use:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone = Rowling, JK - Harry Potter 01
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets = Rowling, JK - Harry Potter 02

And so on.  It's a quick copy + paste, and otherwise invisible field, so it allows you to have all your Name fields as the correct name without worrying about it not sorting properly.

The Tag fields are awesome.  I have about 40 different tags so far (I use tags for year and genre, then I can quickly sort my viewing area to specific years, and you can recursive sort tags, so if you click a year, and then click a genre, it will only show items that match both), I wonder if there's any sort of limit?

What would happen on the left where the tags are listed if you had 2,000 tags?  Not that that would ever happen, but I wonder if the program would just give you a scroll bar or something?  With my ~40 tags, it's only filling up maybe 1/6th of the space, so I'm not exactly worried about running out.