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Development of MediaMan 3.1 By: He.Shiming Date: December 20, 2009
Dear MediaMan Enthusiasts,

As you may know, I've been working on the next update of MediaMan, version 3.1, for months. Originally, the update was to be built on top of the 3.0 architecture to solve many of the annoying small problems, as well as to introduce a set of most requested features. But as development went on, techniques and technology improved, it was later decided to rewrite a large portion of the program completely. As a result, it will have to take longer to finish, the release schedule has to be delayed. The good thing is that it'll still be a free update. And here are some early highlights of it:

1. A redesign of the user interface, that aims to be not only better looking, but also much easier and faster to operate. Some benefits of the new design are: it fits into a small screen device such as netbooks also a large screen TV; much shorter path to most functions compared to a menu.
2. MediaMan behaves a lot faster than any of its ancestors. It uses much less CPU power, and is far more responsive on slower computers, or netbooks.
3. Chromium browser will be used to display HTML content, instead of Internet Explorer. This makes item detail displaying a lot faster.
4. Much improved editing feature, that resembles 2.x series style.
5. There will be a Japanese version available.
6. A secret set of new features.

Unfortunately, it's still too early to release a screenshot or test version. If you would like to stay updated, please follow MediaMan on twitter at: . Announcement will be made on twitter as well as this forum regarding the availability of screenshots and beta test versions. You can expect the screenshot later January 2010, or early February, and a beta version several weeks after that.

Happy Holidays!