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Field Data & Imports By: mstone42 Date: May 18, 2010
I am evaluating version 3 of MediaMan - so far I like what I've seen ... mostly.  There seems to be a few bugs still - in particular, if I edit a single record by clicking the "Extra" button, then click the "Clear Reviews" button, the reviews don't actually disappear until I close and restart the program.  This doesn't happen if I select multiple records and clear the reviews.

And speaking of removing field data, I noticed it's not as easy to clear other fields from multiple/all records.  I've only imported a small handful of media for testing (a few books, CDs and DVDs), but I have a very large collection (5000+).  Is there a way to specify which fields are imported?  Or an easy way to delete the content of unwanted fields from all records (aside from hacking the database file)?  I know I can specify which fields are displayed, but the unwanted data will still be there bloating the database.

Finally, do you have a target release date for 3.1?

- Mitch
Re: Field Data & Imports By: He.Shiming Date: May 18, 2010
I'm sorry I don't have a release date for the final of version 3.1, but I might be able to deliver a beta at the end of this month, or early June.

MediaMan doesn't allow choosing whichever fields to import during a web query, but doing so will only make this process further complicated. The better approach would be to select all items, and edit then in a batch to remove that field. Or you can press Edit, then "rearrange fields" in the detail pane to hide them. The upcoming update will have better field hiding and re-ordering mechanism.