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Javascript error & Exporting issue By: mstone42 Date: May 27, 2010
JavaScript error
As I continue my evaluation, I've been doing some editing by hand of imported records, and well as creating records from scratch.  In either case, when I click Save, I occasionally get the same JavaScript error:

An error has occurred in the script on this page

Line: 455
Char: 2
Error: Object required
Code: 0


Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

I've always clicked "Yes", and the entry appears to be saved successfully.  Fortunately, it doesn't crash, and the record seems undamaged otherwise.  It's happened more than a small handful of times.  The only commonality that I've noticed so far is when editing multiple fields.  I haven't noticed if one or more particular fields are involved.

Export issue
Also, when exporting to RTF format, the image of each item is always included whenever the "title" is selected as one of the fields to export, even tho the "image" field is not selected.  Speaking for myself, if I want the image field included in the export, I'll select it; but I don't want it there by default.


Re: Javascript error & Exporting issue By: He.Shiming Date: May 27, 2010
I'm afraid I don't know the cause of the Javascript problem. It might be related to your Internet Explorer, it could be broken. I'd have to recommend that you wait for the next release, where IE will no longer be a dependency.

As far as RTF export problem, yes this is a bug. But this function will be removed in the next release considering it's barely useful. The next release is going to include XML export, and given it's possible to style it using an XSL stylesheet, it'll still be reusable in Word. So I also recommend that you wait for just a couple of weeks and check back for the beta of the next release.
Re: Javascript error & Exporting issue By: mstone42 Date: May 30, 2010
Since you're moving away from IE (excellent decision!), then I don't know if this additional information is useful, but I started playing with the tags feature - I was going thru each record and adding one or more tags, then saving.  Contrary to what I reported earlier about the error only happening when editing multiple fields, I was only editing the Tags field, and the error was popping up fairly consistently about every dozen or so records - so it seems to be related to number of records edited, and not which fields are edited.  Given how useless Microsoft error reporting is, the real problem could be anything.

I very much like the idea of being able to export to XML!  I had planned to code a web page to interface directly with the database (so I could search my database while at the bookstore and prevent buying more duplicates!), but was having issues getting the SQLite extension to work with PHP.  This new export feature will make things a lot easier.

I checked out the forum thread for the 3.1 release - looking good!  I await its release with great anticipation.  Of all the software I've eval'ed so far, MM is at the the top of the list.  As a professional programmer myself, I can certainly appreciate the amount of hard work you've put into this project.  Kudos!!


Re: Javascript error & Exporting issue By: He.Shiming Date: May 30, 2010
Well I think the script error problem is not related to Internet Explorer itself, at least it works fine for others. But Internet Explorer is so easily broken that even when I know a spyware is causing such problems I have no resolution for you.

XML exporting targets the capability of translating directly into a webpage using XSL. You'll see how this goes when v3.1 becomes available. Currently, this feature is experimental because MediaMan will export picture data in XML too, and even the Chrome browser is slow in translating. It's still powerful because everything in the collection can now fit into a single XML file. The downside is that this XML file might be 50 megabytes large depending on actual size of collection file.

And thank you very much for the support, stay tuned for the 3.1 release.