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3.1 Issue with missing covers By: bdkale Date: June 25, 2010

After finally getting the Beta to work on my machine, (had issues with the WindowBlinds theming software), I first must say I love the new version!

However, when scrolling through my collection, I notice that there are random DVD's that and now missing their covers.

At first, I simply figured it was part of the switch, a minor annoyance, but I could just reimport the few that were missing.  I tried this and the import feature bring up the results so very fast....I love it. 

Uh oh, the import feature also shows the image missing....I know they are's just not displaying the artwork.

So while looking a little more into it, I scrolled to my Volcano dvd, which is missing the cover.  I looked at the info screen and went to manually add a cover.....but the cover is already there on the panel, it just not on the virtual shelf, or any of the displays.

This may be a bug or not, but thought I should point it out to you regardless.

Re: 3.1 Issue with missing covers By: He.Shiming Date: June 25, 2010
This is a known problem, and the covers aren't actually missing. It's just the front end unwilling to retry fetching (due to new optimizations introduced). But thanks for reporting, and this will be fixed in the final.