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iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: February 01, 2011
Just an FYI: I put together an iOS app that is handy for bringing your MediaMan MMC file with you on the road.  It supports downloading the MMC file via a URL and since the DB is stored locally, you can browse and search your collection offline.

I'm working on a new version that will change the UI around a bit, but the core of the functionally should only grow from this point.  Next few things I wanted too look at:
- Moving product are to the details page
- Adding more data to the details page
- Supporting a different means of MMC transfers

You'll find the app in the iTunes Store by searching for iMediaMan or via

And yes: feedback is welcome!

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: He.Shiming Date: February 01, 2011
Thanks again, I'll put this up in the home page as soon as I get a chance to update it.
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: poptramp Date: February 07, 2011
Wonderful to see something like this finally arrive!  I've been wishing for an iOS app for ages...  I like the way it's done, except I"ve got a couple of small suggestions:

1) It would be great to be able to add the mmc file directly from iTunes, kind of like how some other apps work where you can add/download files directly.

2) I'd love to be able to sort, eg, my albums by artist, title, year, etc.

3) Finally, I think there might be a bug in the program - many of my CDs show up without an artist name.  It's not all of them, though - I'm not sure why some do and some don't.  In MediaMan itself (in Windows), everything is properly labelled...

Anyways, great work, and hope to see some updates!

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: February 12, 2011
Thanks for the feedback!

#1 - already added this and it is included in 1.1 along with a "refresh" button on the main window.  Some strange stuff happens if you have the app open, then send a file over in iTunes, and go back to the main menu. 

#2 - this would be interesting to try... it's not hard from a coding point of view, but the UX is the challenge there... like how to specify the sort.  I'll think about it and if something comes together for it, I'll add it.

#3 - I've seen this in other application (apps that use Song Artist rather than Artist) but that's usually around MP3 tag.  Since I'm deciding what's a music item on the fly, I can easily do a "if this field is blank, use this other one"... can you shoot me your MMC file so I can test against it?  Even a subset with the CD's that aren't showing up correctly?  I'll take a link in email or PM - whichever works.

I sent 1.1 to the App Store on Feb-9 - if the process is the same as last time it should be available around Feb-16, if I had to guess...

FWIW, I've already got an update in my head for a 1.2 release... nothing too much but it will enhance the "details" view with some more information.

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: poptramp Date: February 12, 2011
PM sent with small sample of my collection for you to see...

I appreciate your response, and can totally understand where you're coming from.  Glad to see this is something you'll be continuing development on, too.

As for your comments on #2, I'd *really* like to see at least an artist sort for albums.  I think most people think of their music as sorted by artist (eg, on my CD shelf, in iTunes, etc).  Perhaps a "sort" button in the top right of the title bar, that would give you a list of sort fields similar to what Mediaman has (or, alternatively, just a few key fields), would be really handy.  Or, maybe just have all music items sort by artist instead of title by default.

An even more radical idea (which may not be do-able), would be to have nested layers, similar to how you browse your iTunes music on an iPhone.  So you would select the artist, and it would then show all items by that artist.  That's probably quite a bit more complicated, though, as you'd need to know which items are music items, and which aren't.  For people with jumbled multi-format collections that aren't organized by format, it could get messy, I suppose.

Finally, is there any chance you could nest the folders, like in Mediaman?  I have different folders for each format (eg, movies, music, games), and within each folder is a system of subfolders (eg, Wii, PS3, etc).  In your app, it's just a linear list, and it can get quite complicated knowing where to look (eg, I have a "box sets" category under both movies and music).  If there was a "nested" structure like in Mediaman, it would be much clearer.

Thanks so much, and looking forward to future updates,
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: February 15, 2011
All added to the feature list.  I've considered nesting the folders because I can back-track the relationships in the database, but I wanted to see if people used the nesting or not first.  I don't have many subnodes in my own usage which is why I focused on the flat list first - I'm open to trying new things with it over time.

FWIW, 1.1 is still waiting for review at the iTunes Store so I went ahead and updated the binary with the latest and greatest; it will include the fix that was causing artists to disappear and a couple of other things I had knocking around...

I'm likely to start looking at some of the other platforms to share the love, but that will be determined by how ready SQLite is on them.  If there's no SQLite love in WP7 or Android, I'll keep iterating on new features on iOS.

Thanks again for the feedback!
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: colombianlove41 Date: February 17, 2011
I downloaded the app and have a database file in MobileMe.  I tried to download the database over the web but it stop working when the app says it is downloading. 

What I would like to know is how to download the mmc file directly from my windows 7 PC through itunes like one of the suggestions here, thanks
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: poptramp Date: February 17, 2011
Another quick suggestion: could you make the icon a higher resolution?  It's really apparent on the iPhone4 that it's not "retina" res.

Thanks again - looking forward to the update!

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: February 18, 2011
w/r/t the retina display support: I'll look into it... One thing I'm certain of is that it is using the 2x icon for Retina displays - I had to add that to the plist as part of the build process... it could just be that the image itself wasn't up to par, having taken it from the Windows version Smiley  I suck at Photoshop, but if someone else has a high res version, I'd be happy to include it in future releases.  As to the app itself, I was under the impression that it was on by default but I'm not entirely sure - still new to the iOS platform, first app, blah blah blah, but I'm investing the time just the same: I have an iPhone 4 so everyone can benefit from my selfish desires Smiley

As to downloading from Mobile Me - does the link end in filename.mmc?  If so, it should have worked; if not, it's the same reason why and other shorteners won't work - it needs a filename as part of the download.

Lastly as to syncing from the PC, that's part of the 1.1 release that Apple still hasn't started to review yet... still waiting [im]patiently.
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: February 19, 2011
1.1 has hit the App Store!

Feedback is welcome.  There's already something weird that I'm seeing on the device that I didn't see while coding on the device... might be a Debug vs Release mode thing, but I'm working on that already as a 1.1.1.
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: poptramp Date: February 19, 2011
You're talking about the third of the screen that is blank in the detailed view, and the distorted image, right?

Otherwise, looks/feels great!

(wrt retina, yes it's just the icon).

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: February 20, 2011
Wait, you're seeing an all white screen?  For all three pages ot detail? I haven't seen that and I haven't seen any painting issues since last night... It's disturbing to be honest because not doing anything fancy in there and none of this happened during coding... I do see some sizing strangeness caused by rotating the phone.

I'll see if I can reset my phone while attached to a debugger. Another option is to disable landscape mode on those pages - any thoughts on making the last page portrait only?

As to the icon I do have a retina enabled icon on there but it could be that the image itself sucks. I'll try to get that together in a future release (or of He has a larger image I can scale down!)
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: poptramp Date: February 20, 2011
Hmm...  Once I put my phone in landscape and back into portrait, the problem seemed to go away.  It must have gotten confused...

The images (for CDs, for example) seem distorted on the Overview tab - more like DVD Case dimensions...

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: random4423 Date: February 20, 2011
...Wish this was available on my android phone  Cry
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: February 21, 2011
@poptramp - I tracked it down: it's when the phone is low on memory.  I was having it reset the three views in the details page, but then I noticed that if it was on a list of items, it was reloading that list as well.  Because of that, I'm having it pop back to the Library list to put it into a clean state.  I'll play around with it for a couple of days and see if that's more annoying than having the current scene redraw itself and refresh the children scenes... if the re-loading of the list didn't reset the list position, I'd make a case for it but since it snaps back to the top... also explains why I missed it all of my testing: the app always restarted.

As to the images, yes: I didn't think to try and auto adjust the product image on the fly - I might add that, while I'm working on this memory thing.

@random4423 - it's on my list but I don't have access to the hardware, so it's a little tricker with all of the different Android versions running around on different hardware... my next handset will likely be Windows Phone 7, since that's a one-size-fits-all and I have access to the hardware.  Not giving up hope for Android though!
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: Lastgeneration Date: February 22, 2011
Can't wait 'til v1.1 appears in Itunes app store
Today's the day Cheesy
It's absolute great!!!

Best wishes from Germany
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: February 22, 2011
1.1 should be there already Smiley

1.1.1 was just submitted to the App Store:
- FIX: resized product image for Details, based on product image
- FIX: updated the product image view
- FIX: retina display icon is now being used
- FIX: some better handling on landscape for details
- FIX: tweaked the layout on "Description"
- FIX: landscape mode on "Add a Library" handles rotate better
- FIX: better handling when the phone runs low on memory
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: March 01, 2011
1.1.1 is now out in the App Store.

Feeling rather pleased with this release - a lot of nagging issues have been put to bed.  Wink
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: poptramp Date: March 01, 2011
Hmm.  Still having major problems with the bottom half of the details screens being blank (ie, the app thinking the phone is in landscape mode when it's in portrait).

Otherwise, some nice improvements.

The nested folders are coming in 1.2, I hope?  And will there be a way to search the entire database, rather than just sub-components?

Keep up the good work!
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: March 01, 2011
Weird. Huh  I tried many times to get the landscape/portrait confusion both on device and in simulator but never got it to happen more than one time and even then I couldn't repro it.  What I did definately clear up was the issue where the whole screen would go while on launch - that was when memory ran low on the device.

As to nesting the main menu, I'm still thinking about it but the big challenge there is that there is no notion of nesting in the table view of an iPhone.  At least I haven't seen one before and it's not native to the UI - you'd need a tree control which isn't there or have one screen for each level and that's something I don't want to see: too much tapping on the screen to get to the data.  So I'm still thinking about it.

As to searching across library, that's also still on the "maybe" list, just because it would require the entire library in one list.  When I've done that in the past (while experimenting with the UI) that was dog slow on the phone which is why I broke it out by node from the first release...

So it's all up in the air for 1.2 and beyond - don't have an ETA on the next version though...
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: poptramp Date: March 01, 2011
Cool...  By the way, that "blank third of the screen" problem seems to have disappeared now.  No idea why/how.

Also, will there be a "Sort by..." field introduced?

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: March 02, 2011
Sorting is something on the list that I've been actively thinking about - it's a two part problem.  One is how to offer a sort UX that doesn't suck so I've been looking at some other apps... it shouldn't be too bad.  The other issue is that I'll have to re-do a bunch of stuff in the internals since it's the list of items, how each item is displayed, and the index on the right side.  Nothing show stoppingly ugly, but it's in the core so I want to be careful not to introduce regressions.

The all white screen should be gone by now.  I found that when the phone was low on memory, the app would respond by freeing things out of memory that it shouldn't have, mostly because I opted to load things in as I needed them rather than pull in the whole MMC file at once.  Like for my library, it's 68MB - seemed stupid to let one app claim 68MB when it might only be looking at once slice of that... the profiler even shows the allocations ebb and flow as I walk my own catalog - it never gets the whole file loaded at one time. 

Anyway, it's happier this dot-release. Smiley
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: ReussDr Date: March 03, 2011
Just found this post.  Haven't purchased the app yet, but am strongly considering it.  I had actually started to move away from MediaMan because I hadn't found a good way to take my collection with me.  I haven't found another system that is as flexible for both Amazon and user specified content though, and though I got setup with Rackandtags and DVD Profiler, the idea of using a whole bunch of different websites to track each collection wasn't really appealing (and I still have not found a good online tracking system for my 360 Retail and XBLA game collection).

That said, a request for RandyRants:  Can you post up-to-date information on the first page of this post.  In particular, I'd like to see the following:

1) Currently released version (with notes for any known bugs)
2) Version pending approval from Apple (with a feature list)
3) Version in active development (with a list of items that will probably be in it)
4) Requested features not currently slated for release.

I think this will make it clearer what features people have already requested to avoid duplicate requests.

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: ReussDr Date: March 03, 2011
I purchased the app this evening, and have some thoughts...

1) For the nested folders, I don't think you'll actually need a tree view.  All that I'd really like to see (and I assume most others) is the way that the folders are nested without actually walking the tree.  For example, I have a Games folder with a Sony PS2, Sony PS3, XBox and XBox 360 subfolders.  In the current flat list I see Games, Sony PS2, Sony PS3, XBox and XBox 360.  What's I'd really like is to see "Games>Sony PS2", "Games>Sony PS3", "Games>XBox" and "Games>XBox 360" (Games itself can be filtered out, because it only contains subfolders, and doesn't have any other items.  Likewise, I'd prefer to see "VHS Tape" (or any other empty folders) filtered out, because for my collection it's empty.  Adding the hierarchical information to the flat view will probably suffice for most users.

2) One major difference between the iPhone app and the main app is the ability to see the virtual shelf.  If there's a way to show thumbnails of the items instead of having to drill down into individual items, that'd make the way it's viewed much closer to the desktop version of iMediaMan, and the way that we're all used to seeing the items presented.

3) I'd like to have a different way to drill down into my collection other than by folder.  Currently if I want to find all of my Depeche Mode albums, it's not easy.  I have to drill down into Audio CD then search for Depeche Mode.  For games, when it's spread out between several different sub-folders it's impossible.  Letting you search or specify other filter criteria before navigating into folders would be helpful when I just want to quickly find all media I own within certain restrictions.

4) I don't see any way to view flagged items.  I use them to note lent items, and it'd be useful to be able to see flagged items through the iOS app.

5) I understand that you don't want to edit the collection file, and for good reason.  However, what would be helpful is the ability to take notes on an item on the iPhone.  Those notes could later be editted into the database when I'm back on my computer, and the temporary notes could be deleted from the iPhone.  Currently if I want to make some status update notes (like, "Couldn't find this DVD on the Rack", or "This game was loaned to John"), I'd have to do that in the iPhone notepad, or on a piece of paper, and I wouldn't have the immediate reference to the database item.  Having the ability to store minor notes associated to a particular piece of media will really help to manage my collection.
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: March 09, 2011

1) That is an alternative I didn't think about - I will consider it.

2) This is more of a limitation of the iPhone in my experience, to be honest.  I uesd to have the thumbnails on the list of items and I felt that it slowed the application down too much; thats when they moved to the details page.  For apps that have shown the bookshelf ideal - i.e. iBooks - it has taken several seconds to boot, which I also didn't care for.  I will take a look with the iPhone 5, when that gets released.

3) I'll +1 the request to search across the catalog, for the example you cite here.  Not sure of which other way to navigate through the list, if not via the list of groups.

4) I'll add this to the list as well.  I don't use the flagging feature of the desktop version so I went with the list of Tags in the details view first.  That view can grow with more information over time.

5) Sadly this is likely going to be a flat out no.  Editing the MMC file is something that I have no plans to look into; it's a can of worms having two sources edit copies of the MMC file and syncronization capabilities...

Thanks for the feedback!
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: ReussDr Date: March 10, 2011
1) I've since noticed that the folders are listed in the hierarchical order, they just don't have that information.  If you indent the subfolder names, you should be able to accomplish the same end goal, without as much text (and chance of spillover).  Ex:

  XBox 360

2) Could you make the thumbnail image an option?  Sometimes I'd be willing to suffer the slowdown to have the shelf view.  Being able to configure that would be nice.  Can you generate the thumbnails once, and pre-store them at a lower resolution to load them faster?  That should also speed it up, but I'm not sure if you can do that.

Being able to specify either thumbnail or listview would also mean that if run on an iPad 2 or iPhone 5 with a newer/faster processor that the support would already be there for people with the newer hardware, and the old list mode would still be present for those with slower devices.

3&4) Even though you have tags, you can't search by tags, and they're only displayed once you drill down into the actual items.  I think what I'd really like is this:

When I open the app, after selecting an mmc file, I'd like to see a folder list, and other filter criteria.  Ex:

 Audio CD
 Video Games
 VHS Tapes

 AppNotes (See my response on 5)

I don't want to have to drill down another level, but similar to the left pane of the full app, would like to be able to see the filter criteria below the main folder list.

5) I understand that you don't want to edit the MMC file, and I agree.  What I actually want is a way to store notes about items in the application, but not in the mmc file.  I'll call them AppNotes (because they are not the notes in the MMC).

The current use case is to copy the name of the item I want to make notes on into Notes, then write out whatever comment I have about the item (or do essentially the same thing on a physical notepad).  I'd like something to facilitate this, with the understanding that I'll need to review the notes on my phone and write them into the collection through MediaMan the next time I'm at my computer.

Or in Computer Science terms, I'd like the app to maintain a sparse table of editable text associated with the unique IDs of the items in the database.  I'd like to be able to edit this while looking at a particular item, and also be able to view all of notes in that table, so I can process them into the actual database through MediaMan, and delete the notes at that time.  (Being able to export this as an email with the item names and text would also be nice, so I can copy/paste on my machine instead of retype the information, but that's secondary).  I don't expect or even want this to be direct edits to the MMC file.
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: March 10, 2011
Hi - on the following:

1) "the folders are listed in the hierarchical order" Actually, that's not entirely true: I'm showing the folders in the order that they are returned to me as a default, by their ID; my guess is that you created the folders in order or He is updating the id's as they were written as part of the saving process.  If it's neither of those, then they are coming in in whatever order SQLite wants them to.  If I want to properly maintain a hierarchy, I have to process the _id and _parentId that are part of the table... I know what the work will cost; it's just a question of where it sits in the priority rack and making the UI work such that it doesn't suck.  To do that properly, I need a tree or an indented list which iOS doesn't have; I would have to use spaces that's less than "good" UI.  Like I said in my first reply: I will consider it.

2) Likely not, just because I was really unhappy with the results of it; if I'm unhappy with it, I don't usually make it available for everyone else because then that bad experience is my fault even if it's the user's choise.  Besides, I also found that the memory required to show the 300-400 thumbnails for my sample MMC was eating way too much memory for the worth it added.  I'm not saying No, but I'm saying it's unlikely.

3) Correct, you cannot currently search by tags - it was a last minute add to 1.1, because I was putting extra details onto the details page.  Searching has always been restricted to the text that are in the list box themselves, so it's currently Title and the a combination of Artist, Media, or Publisher, depending on what items are being shown.  The challenge in adding another search criteria is about the UI again: how to put it in there so it doesn't suck.  I can have the search proc search for tags but if it's not showing tags, it can get confusing.  If I add another line of text to each box, that really eats up space (and requires a custom list cell as well) which is why I haven't done that.  It similar to the Sorting feature that has been requested: if I can find a way to do it without it looking bad, it'll make it in.

4) Noted as a possible UI design, but the UI real estate of the phone really dictates a multiple layered design.  If it was the iPad, I would have more space to do a left bar that updates the UI, much like what He has done on the PC.  For the phone display, I don't think this is going to work for most people, who already say there's too much on most phone screens, if they have to scroll more than two finger swipes down.

5) This is the only thing on the original list that I said no to, and I'll have to say it again: this is a feature that isn't going to be investigated.  If there's going to be a notes system to track the status of items, I would say use the built in Notes app.  With the quasi-multithreading in iOS this is doable already.  If I were to add an entry field for notes in the main application, I would need to have a way to get them off the phone and onto a PC and/or Mac; way outside the scope of this project, especially when there is already a Notes app that syncs with PC and Mac.  If I were to store the data in a DB and then try to merge that behind the scenes with an MMC file - which would be the ultimate solution - then I would be a fool, in Computer Science terms: there's no form of optimistic concurrency in SQLite, pessimistic concurrency is very destructive with two cloned/live updated data sources, and there's no facility to do this on iOS, PC, or OSX.  I understand the want clearly but I'm 99% certain that it will not be included in future releases because of the data challenges.

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: ReussDr Date: March 10, 2011
1) I must've gotten lucky then.  Spaces, though not optimal, would at least be a stop gap measure while you tried to figure out a real solution.

2) Hmm...  That's too bad.  I know that looking through Photos, it's able to display a thumbnail version pretty easily, and I know that it doesn't run slowly.  It also probably doesn't consume too much RAM.  It's probably able to do that though, because the photos probably get a thumbnail generated that stays attached to the photo, so it doesn't have to process as much data.  Since you can't store that data with the items, you'd probably need a hook from He to store a precreated, thumbnail sized version in the database.  It might be worth taking a sample database and reducing the sizing of the images it uses to see if it's better if you have a lower res image available.  Might also reduce the RAM requirements, but true implementation and having a pre-scaled photo available would require He to add features for you.

3&4) I think the best place to add dialogs is either with tabs on the bottom of the screen (as you already have for the Overview, Description and Product Image of an item), or to have a selection between picking the mmc collection file and starting to directly browse the contents.  It always struck me a little odd that you go directly from picking which collection file to browse to drilling down into items, so 1 additional level of indirection there wouldn't be too bad.  Alternately, having a link in the upper right hand corner when you start browsing the collection would give you a good place to hook those.

5) Your Notes idea got me thinking.  Notes will already sync it's contents to the PC, and the multi-tasking makes it easier (but not perfect).  But I'd still have to open notes, create a note, type in the name of the item and then the note I wanted to make.  Even if you don't want to store the information, you can make the process easier.
What would make it easiest is if you could open notes, and create a new note (named as a MediaMan Item Note to identify it, and automatically paste in the item name).  You might not be able to do that, but if you could at least launch Notes and put information into the clipboard, that would accomplish 90% of the functionality without the huge complexity.

As for the UI control for that, I noticed that you don't have a menu pop-up if you hold down the screen while looking at an item's Overview page.  That'd be a good place to hide some controls, without having to take up screen real estate to paint them on screen.
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: 0_o Date: March 14, 2011
Here is another Android request.
And here is a little persuasion:
Android is going to be the leading platform on the market share any day now.

Implementing your software on WM7 might be easier yet it is a waste of time.

As for how to implement SQLite on Android, there is a short tutorial in the next link. It is probably basic for you yet you can use it to ask the author any advanced question you have in mind:

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: Lastgeneration Date: March 18, 2011
today i recognized, when i have stored 2 Cover in a record (Front Cover and Back Cover) the app shows only the back cover.
Is it my fault?
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: March 21, 2011
@0_o - I've got some personal reasons for doing a WP7 device first, but Android will follow if only because it has a good SQLite implementation. Besides, even with Android having the most handsets, it's the worst platform to support: at last a dozen versions of the os and at least two competing app stores that I know of... And I don't own any of the hardware, yet.

@lastgeneration - I don't think it's it's your fault, but right now the app only asks for one image and that's likely returning the first one it found... never thought there would be more than one... I'll likely add some code to see if there's a way to get the "primary" or maybe even have more than one.
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: Dreamstate Date: May 02, 2011
Does this work natively on an iPAD yet or is it just a 1X/2X for the iPhone version?  I have not picked it up yet, but one of the main ideas I had would be that you could store the MMC in a Dropbox folder so that if I did the same thing at home, I would never have to sync  Cheesy  It would automatically handle it since they would both be looking at the same source.  Can it do that now, or do you think you could do it later?
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: May 03, 2011
It is still an iPhone app so it's a 1x/2x thing. Also it can pull a file stored in DropBox's public folder via URL but it does not support DropBox syncing [yet].
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: cyx Date: May 30, 2011
Please make it an iPad version and I buy it at the moment  Smiley
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: June 06, 2011
Sadly getting an iPad tweaked version would be waaaaay more work. I'd want to get it looking like the PC version and that's a ton of work.  In spite of typing this on an iPad right now!
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: disker Date: June 19, 2011
I *SO* had my hopes up! Sad  I can't use this on my "outdated" iPhone3. I purchased it without reading iOS 4.3 which doesn't run on my phone. oHwELL. I guess I'll keep waiting then.
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: June 28, 2011
FYI: Versions 1.2.1 has been released with one small font fix and a lower required iOS version, mostly for Verizon customers who didn't get 4.3.

New minimum iOS version is 4.2.

@disker - sorry about that - I started development for this project after 4.0 (or maybe even 4.1) was released and Apple doesn't much like you to go backwards... even for this release I still compiled with the 4.3 SDK and just lowered the information in the plist file Sad
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: disker Date: June 29, 2011
eh - no worries about it - I kinda figured that was the case. On the 3G, the latest you can use is iOS4.2, but I can't use that because my battery drains so fast, I can litterally sit and watch the counter click down every few seconds - so I'm back to 4.1. :/  I guess that's just Apples way of saying "Hey, Upgrade you idiot!" Smiley

But, now that I've purchased a copy, I can't wait to find a good 3GS or even 4G for a good price and be able to use this wonderfull app you have created for us.  Smiley

On a related side note: You don't plan on releasing a version of this for the Android do you???  (hint hint) Smiley

Thanks again for helping to make a wonderfull program (MediaMan) even better with your wonderfull app! Smiley
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: July 22, 2011
w/r/t Android, I do in fact have a Samsun Galaxy S sitting right next to my Samsung Focus - it has been my plan all along to support all three handsets, but while Windows Phone was really easy to code for, Android is... well, a challenge to say the least.  Just a question of having the time to pound through it all (in and around iOS 5 and Mango pre-releases!)

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: Miller Date: August 15, 2011
Just another vote for Android. Smiley
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: disker Date: September 30, 2011
Another vote for Andriod! Smiley I can use my wife's phone for it without worrying about upgrading my iPhone! Smiley
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: October 12, 2011
Announcing v2.0!

According to the certification process, this release is approved by Apple and awaiting the release of iOS on Oct-14.

Updated in this release:
- Support for iOS 5.0
- Support for listing and searching across all items in a catalog
Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: disker Date: March 13, 2012
Well, I finally broke down and got me a 4s! Your program is a very nice addition to the already wonderful MediaMan!

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: RandyRants Date: September 18, 2012
Announcing 2.1!  Well, at least it's waiting to be approved... what's new?

- You can now open MMC files from other applications.  At least I've tried it with DropBox and SkyDrive.  DropBox is nice in that it preserves your file name; SkyDrive does not.  I haven't tried it through Mail either, but it should work the same for everything.  One caveat: depending on where the application is in its lifetime, the file may or may not automatically appear in the list... if it's not there, tap the Refresh button in the upper left.  Since this is the same behavior as when you copy a file over via iTunes, I'm hoping it's straight forward.

- The screen should handle the move to iPhone 5.  I don't have the hardware (and might not get my hands on a physical handset) but the simulator seems OK with it.

- The annoying bug with the half white screen should finally be gone!  It turns out that iOS 5 (and 6) have the concept of "Face Up" and "Face Down" which tells the app nothing about the portrait versus landscape.  Another bug dead!  Side effect of this is that you can no longer expect the app to turn upside down... small trade off.

- Per request: if you have items that start with The, An, or A, they will be shown in the list view in "correct" sorting order.  Meaning if you have "The Catcher in the Rye" it will now show as "Catcher in the Rye, The" and will be sorted under C, which is exactly what He does with the desktop version.  Details views show the unmodified title; searching is expecting the unmodified view as well, so searching for "The Catcher" will find "Catcher in the Rye, The"

- Per request: this was compiled under the 6.0 SDK but targets 5.0 so it should run on 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0.  Of course, if I rev the app again and use a 6.0 specific API, this will change.

Re: iMediaMan for iOS By: MediaSeeker Date: March 10, 2013
I've been using MediaMan since my Windows XP times, meaning that many many years have passed since those days. I've been waiting for the iOS version for a LONG time! I want to browse my collection with my iPad - so the question still remains the same: where's The App??? The software itself won't update anymore on PC, it has a lot of issues and I'm getting so frustrated. I have thousands of movies in my collection, so I don't got the time or interest in bringing it back to life with some other app - but I will, if there's no other way... It's like I paid for nothing when I bought this software. There's a lot of free ones out there these days, but I've put A LOT of effort in maintaining my collection with MediaMan. I can't understand people who'd want to browse their collection with their PHONE....  That's why we have tablets! I certainly wouldn't pay this kind of money for it, this app's price is just absurd - there's a lot of free ones out there - and they're better too. SO THE NATIVE iPAD VERSION HAS TO HAPPEN - RIGHT NOW.