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MediaMan 2.0 doesn't support Win 98/ME By: He.Shiming Date: January 18, 2005
As of version 2.0, MediaMan no longers supports Windows 98 and ME. Please understand that this is a policy. You are advised to upgrade your operating system. Or alternatively, you can always download earlier versions in the archived downloads section and do an overwrite (downgrade) install.

However, please note that none of the earlier version is eligable for technical support.
MediaMan 2.0 doesn't support Win 98/ME By: He.Shiming Date: April 15, 2005
Update: Future versions will NOT support Windows 98/Me
This is to notify you that I'm no longer attempting to provide support for old platforms such as Windows 98 and Me in future versions of MediaMan. If you are still expecting a newer edition that has backward support, you are now advised to upgrade your operating system.

Technical details:

The primary difficulty for MediaMan to support Windows 98/Me is still the Unicode issue. MediaMan is in fact a native Unicode application which basically won't work on those ANSI-based platforms such as Windows 98 and Me. However, thanks to Microsoft Layer for Unicode (MSLU), which provides an automatic Unicode-to-ANSI API wrapper, that up to version 1.6, MediaMan could work on these platforms.

Version 2.0 experienced a major framework change, the new framework (WTL) had solved a lot of internal issues and eventually made the development process much easier and faster. However, if one try to host a webbrowser (Internet Explorer) control, together with MSLU under WTL, it would simply not work on Windows 98 and Me. An that's why MediaMan crashed on Windows 98 and didn't create a web browser window on Windows Me.

This issue is actually known, and it's a bug in MSLU. However, it's just too late for Microsoft to solve this issue because they are no longer working on the support for old platforms. On the other hand, I do think it's a good idea to upgrade to a newer platform and start take advantages of it now.

For those who still didn't want to upgrade, I'm sorry for inconvenience and I hope you enjoy one of those earlier editions.