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Chose smallest image size, but huge ones still get inserted By: sdt33 Date: March 28, 2005

In the options, I've chosen the smallest image size, on the Preferences tab.

It works for most books, but there always seem to be a few where the image size is huge. Does MediaMan not shrink them down so that they're all the same size? Is this a bug or is it working as intended?

The reason this is a big problem for me is because I'm printing out my whole collection. I export to .rtf files, and in Word, I choose 3 columns for the document, so 12 book images (along with title/author text) get printed out on each single page. But this method gets completely messed up whenever a page comes along with one of the rogue huge images.

I attached an example Word doc in case it helps.

I hope someone can help me!

Chose smallest image size, but huge ones still get inserted By: He.Shiming Date: March 28, 2005
First of all, the image settings will affect newly added items only. The items with bigger images were probably entered earlier using the large image settings. To change the image for these items, you are gonna have to copy the image from the HTML pane, and paste back when editing the items. Or simply execute a collection update.

Nonetheless, it's not suggested to shrink image size for printing. Actually, in order to get a visually pleasant print-out, you are recommended to use the largest possible image setting. Then, you open the RTF file in Word, click on the images one by one, and use the image resize tool to shrink it down. This way, you will zoom out the images on the page, but keeping the resolution, which is important for the print-outs to look nice.

p.s. There isn't an attachment in this thread, but I think at least you could try to resize those images using merely Microsoft Word. Plus, you could compare the results to see which one is good.