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convert to xml By: ben666 Date: April 04, 2005
Converting to xml would be very useful because you can use it with many programs like flashmx which i use Cheesy
convert to xml By: He.Shiming Date: April 04, 2005
Well, XML exporting has been requested for a number of times. However, given the fact that re-using the exported XML will be difficult, it put it to a lower priority.  :?

The internal data in the MediaMan Collection file is represented in the form of XML strings close to the schema defined by Amazon ECS 4.0. For applications like macromedia flash, this schema is a little bit too complicated to parse. You could be spending hundreds lines of code on the parsing process alone.

Meanwhile, you can try using the price tracker feature. When you add items for price tracking, MediaMan will produce a file named "PriceTracker.xml" under its installation directory. Which is close to the format of the exporting feature which is being developed. And like I said, it could be too complicated for your application.
ok thanks for the responce By: ben666 Date: April 04, 2005
ok thanks for the responce