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Missing "Musics" tab in Edit Item box By: jbarnes4 Date: April 05, 2005
Hello. Some CDs of mine in my Music group have no "Musics" in the Edit Item box. I'm wondering why. Most do, but a few do not, so it's impossible for me to change the artist and tracklisting and such on those few items... How can I change this?
Missing "Musics" tab in Edit Item box By: He.Shiming Date: April 05, 2005
Well, this behavior is by design. If you didn't enter any track listing, artists, or music label information when you add the item. Or if Amazon didn't return any of these fields. By default, they will be hidden in order to offer an easier and quicker access to commonly used fields.

You can change this behavior by opening Tools->Options->User Interface, and uncheck the option that says "Hide non-relevant sheets when editing". Smiley