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Alternate barcode input method By: kafka Date: April 05, 2005
I love this program! I even purchased a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 to simpify the loading of my book collection (> 1000 books).

The QuickCam has helped but it still has problems.

I recently purchased a Symbol Technologies "CS 1504 Consumer Memory Scanner". This is basicly a tiny (70mm x 38mm x 24mm) battery powered barcode scanner. The scanner comes with a serial cable and and optional USB adapter. There is no software included but a SDK can be downloaded from their web site.

I have been using their VisualBasic example program to download the barcodes and then using a regular expression to convert a single ISBN/UPC per line which I can paste into MediaMain.

It would be great if there was an API defined for MediaMan that could be used to get barcode input. This could even be generalized to handle the existing Webcam Barcode Scanning module and could handle batch importing of ISBN/EAN/UPC from files. Sorry, the programmer in me sometimes takes over.

You can get information on the scanner at:

Thanks again for a great program!
Alternate barcode input method By: He.Shiming Date: April 05, 2005

Before I jump into the development of supporting this series of barcode scanners, I would like to know if it outputs barcode in keyboard-stroke-emulation, like others. Because if it did, you can click the button next to the keyword box to activate a batch barcode entry dialog, and use it directly.

To know if it did, open up Windows notepad, and try to scan some barcodes. If you see they printed out in notepad, then you can use the above method to automate the process.

Please let me know if it didn't, I'll have to take a look at their development feature. And I'm sorry that currently, I can't provide a timeline on when it'll become available.

Alternate barcode input method By: kafka Date: April 05, 2005
There is no software that comes with the device. There is a Software Developers Kit (SDK) available. The SDK does not have anyway of generating keystrokes.

The SDK has code for an interface DLL which greatly simplifies the interface to the device (at least compared to directly communicating with the device itself). In addition, the SDK comes with code for three example applications.

The first is written in Visual Basic 6, the second in Visual C, and the third is in Borland C. These applications demonstrate the use of the DLL. I have been using the Visual Basic application for my testing.

I am very willing to help in any way that I can (including programming, which I have been doing for over 25 years).

Thanks again!
Alternate barcode input method By: He.Shiming Date: April 05, 2005
Well, currently, as this feature is still under development. I think you could utilize their samples to create an application that can produce a list of scanned barcode numbers so that you could paste it into MediaMan to get it working now.

Only if you have extra time, please help me take a look at the DLL they provided. Do they list the DLL compile settings in their developer zone? I will require the DLL to be compiled under the "Multithreaded DLL Runtime" settings.
Alternate barcode input method By: kafka Date: April 06, 2005
I double check the project settings and it is configured for the multithreaded C runtime libraries.

The SDK comes with a complete MSVC project for the interface DLL.

Once again, how can I help? Time is always short, but programming is something I enjoy doing and having the ability to acquire the barcodes from the scanner directly from MediaMan would be VERY useful for me.

I have also introduced MediaMan to several people at the office and there is some interest in using it to track our software and hardware.
Alternate barcode input method By: He.Shiming Date: April 06, 2005
Well, if you could, you can build a sample WIN32 GUI dialog application, which accepts scanning, and will output scanned numbers to an edit control. Then email this project to me. You can find my contact info in the about section.

I would prefer the sample project to be developed in C, or C++ WTL, or C++ ATL. But MFC is also okay. Thanks for the help.