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More status labels and web site searches By: Vindicated Date: April 23, 2005
Even though this program is ment to manage your own personal movie collection & files. I think it would be an awsome tool to help heavy NetFlix, BlockBuster, and GreenCine users manage their incomming and outgoing movies. I've been using MediaMan to help me keep track of what movies I've seen, which ones I want to buy or have just bought and the DVDs that I've simply just copied.  

For example when Netflix says they just shipped out the movie Minorty Report, I add that title to my libary. Then I change the status to 'On the way.' Once I've recieved it the status gets changed to "borrowed" - I picked this one because of the green left arrow icon. After I mail back the movie the status becomes "lent" (because of the green arrow).

You probably already see where I'm going with this but it would be really nice if I could edit the name of the label to whatever I want. Any maybe even be able to use my own icons.  

My second feature request isn't as specific and is one you get a lot. I want more sites to search from. Mainly for those adult rated films in my collection. I don't care what site or what engine; just more is always better. You also said you'd think about adding the IMDB later in the future only if you seen a high demand for it -- well I'm throwing my vote in for that too.

- Chris
More status labels and web site searches By: He.Shiming Date: April 24, 2005

Thanks for the suggestion. Customized status feature was already on the list. And I hope I could have time to work on it soon. But regarding IMDB, I'm sorry that such feature won't be available under the current architecture of the program. Although I do consider it a useful feature, I'll try to build such feature into MediaMan when major development is done.  Smiley