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dutch amazon suport By: FLY Date: April 27, 2005
I realy like your MediaMan.

Ok, there are some things, that can be better. but hey, i can do whitout those things.

but here's my request:
i would like to have dutch amazon support in it, and if you nead anyone to translate it for ya, well, lets say i am glad to help.

Here is the url of the amazon site:



dutch amazon suport By: He.Shiming Date: April 28, 2005 appeared to be a virtual store under I found another similar one,, under I'm sorry that in the specification of Amazon ECS (MediaMan relies on it to perform content retrieval), wasn't listed as a data source. And therefore MediaMan won't be able to retrieve content from it. I'm sorry.

However, Amazon may start to offer ECS access some time in the future. As soon as they did, MediaMan will incorporate this feature.