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New Feature Req By: betopr Date: May 16, 2005
Can the developer make Mediamn able to save all the data of all items you have in a collection inside the *.mmc file?, like fotos, etc. instead of making a folder with all the media in that folder?

that can be handy for those that regulary reinstall Operating System very frequently. :roll:
New Feature Req By: He.Shiming Date: May 16, 2005
All data you saw in your collection, including categories, items, and pictures are stored in the .mmc file. You are free to copy this file to another computer, all information will be retained.

If you peek into MediaMan's installation directory. You'll see pictures being created as you browse the items. This is because MediaMan has to extract those pictures from the .mmc file so that it can be used for convenient displaying and processing.

This all happens in the temporary directory, and it'll be destroyed after you close the program.