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  • I saw a cheap price of MediaMan on another website, is it safe to take the offer?
    Currently MediaMan has two official stores. One is hosted on Kagi.com and is linked from this website. The other is hosted on FastSpring.com and will open for business only on particular occasions to run promotion through www.bitsdujour.com. Price may vary on these two stores depending on the type of promotion we are running. If you saw a discount offer, check the website URL and see if it matches one of these stores, as they are the only two authorized resellers of MediaMan and MediaMan Library.

    We do not offer so called "OEM discounts" to large orders. So if you see phrases like "MediaMan OEM discount" or "MediaMan OEM offer" advertised on certain websites, don't purchase from them. Your personal identity could be at risk if you enter your contact information and credit card number on these websites.

    Upon a successful purchase transaction, an email containing your activation key will be sent to your email address from @imediaman.com. The email comes with activation instructions such as clicking "Activate" and enter your key. We do not distribute license files or additional executables in order for you to license and use the software. Nor do we provide download links to license files or additional executables.

  • There are other websites distributing MediaMan's trial, are they safe?
    The official setup package of MediaMan is also hosted on MajorGeeks.com, fileforum.betanews.com, softpedia.com and Download.com. There might be many other additional websites hosting this file. Its version may vary. Many of these sites are running reputable businesses. But if you are unsure about the safety of the websites you are visiting, you should always obtain the trial from www.imediaman.com.

  • What's the risk of running a non-official version of MediaMan?
    If you didn't purchase MediaMan from one of the official stores, or you didn't use the setup package from the official website, your distribution of MediaMan may contain malware that's harmful to your computer, or adware and spyware. You might be given a Crack.exe or Patch.exe (so called a crack or a patch) and told to run it in order to license the software. These files can potentially harm your computer by installing spyware or enabling remote access from hackers.

    If you scan these files using an anti-virus program, you may see them reported to be infected by virus/Trojans like: HEUR/Crypted, Heuristic.Crypted, PAK_Generic.001 . These names, however, are not the names of the viruses. Most viruses and Trojans use encryption to protect themselves against anti-virus software, making them undetectable. And these names mean a common type of protector is detected. These files may contain custom made backdoors to enable a hacker to gain access to your computer, retrieve your passwords or credit card number, and other information on your computer. Therefore it's a major security risk to obtain and run a non-official version of MediaMan.

    Additionally, it will not be possible for you to obtain updates and technical support services if you bought MediaMan from non-official stores.

  • Does MediaMan itself contain any kinds of backdoor or spying mechanism?
    No, MediaMan does not contain any kinds of backdoor or spying mechanism.

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