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  • What's the hardware requirements for MediaMan 3?
    MediaMan 3 requires minimum of 1.4GHz Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon XP processor. 512MB or more RAM is recommended for a collection with 500 items*. We suggest to prepare at least 100MB of hard drive space for MediaMan and its collection file. For decent display, a minimum resolution of 1024x768 is required. MediaMan requires at least 32bit desktop color depth.

  • What's the software requirements for MediaMan 3?
    MediaMan 3 requires Windows XP or Windows Vista. Internet Explorer 7 must be installed even if you don't plan to use it. The x64 edition of MediaMan works on Windows Vista x64.

  • What's the hardware and software requirements for MediaMan Library?
    MediaMan Library has the same hardware and software requirement as MediaMan 3. Additionally, in order for MediaMan Library to work, it also needed a local area network (LAN) and a database server with PostgreSQL installed. A typical LAN with 100Mbps or 1Gbps total bandwidth will run fine. For the database server to work efficiently, you need at least a Pentium 3 class CPU and 512MB RAM on the server to serve 20 MediaMan Library nodes. Consider upgrading server hardware if you have more nodes.

  • Why is Internet Explorer 7 a requirement?
    Internally, MediaMan relies on Internet Explorer to render HTML related information. Internet Explorer is a system component in Windows, even if it's not your default browser. The latest installer of MediaMan and MediaMan Library only enforces IE version 6 at least. IE 7 is required because MediaMan makes use of transparent PNG images heavily. And its architecture doesn't allow any hacks to make it display correctly on IE 6. Therefore, even if you are not using IE to surf the web, it's recommended that you get the IE 7 update anyway to get images displayed correctly in MediaMan.

  • How many items can MediaMan / MediaMan Library handle? How big is my collection file / database going to grow?
    Both MediaMan and MediaMan Library can handle thousands of categories and billions of items. You will never need to worry about whether you hit the limit. The typical size of the collection file / database is around 8MB for 100 items. This is mostly because the cover picture of each item usually require 70KB or more storage space.

  • I have installed various other software, is there a compatibility problem?
    The installer of MediaMan comes with many executable and dynamic library files. All of them will be installed into the directory you specified. The installer never puts anything into your system directory, such as C:\Windows\System32 . This minimizes any compatibility problems with third-party software. Therefore, MediaMan is not likely to cause any problems for other programs installed on your computer, and vice-versa.

    However, currently it is known that anti-virus software may cause MediaMan / MediaMan Library to malfunction. It is reported that AVG, Avast, and McAfee anti-virus software may mistakenly delete DLL files from MediaMan's installation directory when installing. This will cause MediaMan to crash upon start. To prevent this problem, put MediaMan's installation directory onto software's exception list and re-install.

    Additionally, it is reported that Stardock products, including but not limited to WindowBlinds, can cause MediaMan to crash. This is mostly because of the bugs in WindowBlinds interfering with MediaMan's own window painting procedures. The workaround is to put MediaMan to WindowBlinds' exception list.

  • Can I use MediaMan on Mac or Linux?
    We are sorry but MediaMan only runs on Windows.

* This item count refers to the number of items that can be displayed onto the screen at the same time. If you split them into categories and don't view them at the same time, the performance is less likely to suffer. Therefore, more items can be handled.

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