Freeware based on the technologies of MediaMan.

Webcam Barcode Scanner

Webcam Barcode Scanner

A standalone utility program that does what its title says. It's extracted from the Amazon Import feature in MediaMan 3.0 build 1026.

This program doesn't perform web-based information look-up. It only reads images from the webcam and attempts to identify barcodes from them continuously. When a barcode is found, it'll automatically copy this barcode to the clipboard. Right click on the webcam area to select a webcam if you have multiple ones.

Supported barcode standard: UPC-10, EAN-13, ISBN (automatic converted from 978-lead EAN-13)

License: Free for all uses

Webcam Requirements & Support Info
Manual Focus 320x240 resolution, rotate the focus ring to see objects clearly within 5-10 cm (2-4 inches)
Auto Focus 640x480 resolution, capable of focus at 10 cm (4 inches)
Fixed Focus not supported

Download (for WinVista)