The information on this page will help you solve the problems during the MediaMan Library initial setup.
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  • MediaMan Library cannot connect to the PostgreSQL database server.
    If you can't connect, the first thing you need to check is the database connection settings, which include hostname, port, username, password, and database. Review the setup guide, and find out if you made errors in spellings of any of these settings.

    Nonetheless, if the above settings are correct, then the most common cause of this type of error is software or hardware firewalls (routers). When you complete your PostgreSQL server setup, it's important to enable its port (port number 5432 by default) on either the server-side firewall software, or the hardware firewall/router that links the server to the network. If you used port-forwarding on routers, you'll also have to remember this port setting, and enter the port-forwarding source (listen) port number in MediaMan Library. This process only ensures the capability of listening to connections on the PostgreSQL server. The firewall software on your local computer can also be blocking the connection. If the firewall software didn't prompt you, you should check its settings, and make sure that MediaMan.exe is in the exception list.

  • MediaMan Library says connection successful, but unable to authenticate me as administrator.
    This message means that your database server connection setting is correct. But there is something wrong on the username and password you typed. You can try again with a different username/password pair. If you forgot it, please read the solution here.

  • MediaMan Library repeatedly tell me to initialize the database even though I already did.
    The most likely cause of this problem is that the database user didn't have sufficient rights to initialize the database. It attempted to create tables anyway, but the server refused. Please review the setup guide and find out how to assign the user as the owner of the database to grant sufficient rights.